A Blank Page . . .

This story begins today with this blank page. Recently I watched a video from Kim Klassen where she discussed the beginning of the Inner Circle. She described the three words that began a journey for her, and all of us who now participate in the Inner Circle. A blank page with three words at the top, otherwise empty. A journey, none of us could have imaged would become the community it is today. All because of one person’s vision that began with three words.

Kim’s words in this video were meant to encourage us to participate, participate in creativity, community and life in general. I have been following Kim since she began. I have taken nearly every class she has taught and the two consistent traits I have found, are her positivity and her belief in others to create and to be creative.

This past year was long and difficult, a struggle for so many of us. Whether it was a financial struggle, a medical struggle or an emotional struggle, we have all battled some aspect of this pandemic. As we begin 2021, many people are still battling the same struggles they did a week ago.

A community like the Inner Circle could not have come at a better time. A time when so many of us needed a sense of community and creative people around us. People who continually show up week after week to be inspired by Kim and to inspire others. It’s a community like no other I have belonged to. We are members from near and far, women and men, creative people sharing their work, learning and being there for one another.

It’s easier to think you cannot do something, a vicious cycle. You feel a bit blue, so you take one day off, then maybe you take another day off. Before you know it, days, weeks and months have passed, only to discover you have not participated in anything.

Kim recently began putting videos from this past year in the vault on the new website for the Inner Circle. I found one and listened to it, actually, for the second time. This time however, it hit home! I felt as though she was speaking directly to me. The me who had basically checked out of anything creative this past year. Oh, I had done some creative things, but not nearly what I would have normally done. Right then and there, I decided I needed to stop being that person, that person who finds any excuse why I can’t do something.

With each week that passes in the live chats in the Circle, I feel more ambitious, not that every day is ideal, small steps, right? I made calendars, printed them with the new HP Tango I purchased (highly recommend). I also watched the wrapping paper video to learn how to make the beautiful pleated paper to decorate wrapped gifts. Small accomplishments, but accomplishments. Those calendars were given as Christmas gifts, beautifully wrapped too!

I am hopeful that 2021 will be a much better year. This past year has been one we all need to put behind us, as quickly as possible. Not to say that 2021 will be the normal we once knew, but again, baby steps. If this vaccine can begin to stop the spread of the virus, then God willing, we can regain some sort of normalcy once again.

As I write this, it is already January 3, 2021. The days go fast, the weeks even faster, time just marches on, no matter how we deal with it. I cleaned out my photography studio (spare bedroom) yesterday, a cleansing so to speak. I wasn’t able to think with all of the clutter around me. The images today, represent a more peaceful space, my mind was clear today, at peace. I am hopeful this feeling continues throughout the year. So, take hold of it, use it wisely, every minute is a gift from God. I wish you all a happy, healthy and creative year ahead. Happy New Year, be well!

Thank you for following along, until we meet again . . .


8 Replies to “A Blank Page . . .”

  1. Starting the year perfectly Debra, by continuing to show your beautiful creative talent – I was a recipient of the calendar gift – a unique gift from your heart – love it. Hoping everyone has a wonderful happy and healthy New Year – look forward to reading more of your blogs throughout the year!!

  2. Beautifully written, this article hit a cord with me. It was such a hard year, so many disappointments but some good too. Kim excites me, she encourages me. She makes me want to learn new things. Your images and thoughtful words bring me peace, they help me to see, enjoy and savor the good. Thank you to Kim, and also thank you Debra for contributing to my well being too.

    1. Oh wow!! Thank you Tina. I never really thought about me having an impact on someone else. I truly appreciate your comments. This has really started my day on a positive note, so heartwarming. Thank you!! ❤️ life does give you people who enhance your life and you have enhanced mine more than you can know.

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