Finding Peace even in the Storm . . .

We are now about three weeks into 2021 . . . I am not sure if I was expecting something magical to happen on 1/1/21, it didn’t yet it did. Either I am accepting the world we now find ourselves in as normal or I have become used to how we must live, and I don’t think twice about what seemed so strange a short while ago.

Honestly, I think I have just accepted the state of the world as a new normal and just go about my business. Sad in a way, how as humans we truly can adapt to almost anything. Good or bad, we may put up a fuss initially, but in the end, we adapt and accept the reality of the situation and continue on.

Finding Peace even in a Storm is a saving grace. For so many months it’s been a true struggle for so many of us. Children in school, moms and dads, everyday people just trying to go to work, the storm has been swallowing us up, slowly, piece by piece.

Coping with the world has been challenging to say the least. This year, I have discovered a certain peace within myself. At the end of last year, I made up my mind, there are situations and people I cannot change. It is what it is, the only thing I can change is me. How I look at something or someone, how I react or don’t react, how I choose to ignore what I cannot change and find inner peace and move on. Life is too short to waste time arguing, or getting upset, when in the end, it is only me who remains upset. The situation may not change, and people certainly do not change, only I have the power to let bad things affect me in a bad way. So on 1/1/21 that magical event took place within me.

I am hopeful that this change will ride the tide, so to say, I am trying with all of my being to look at situations and people in a positive way. I am once again, rediscovering my photography, enjoying the two groups I belong to, positive groups. People with similar likes who strive to bring good into the world. Whether it is their personality, love of art or just their genuine good nature, I’m not sure, but I have surrounded myself with loving and caring people. There is no room for negativity, if you can associate with others who are positive, it makes you feel more positive and hopeful.

Hope, a small word, yet so large. Hope is what keeps us all going, hope that this virus will come to an end, hope that people will stop getting sick, hope that people will not die from this virus anymore. Hope . . . that we can all live in peace.

Today I will celebrate a birthday, as a child, birthdays were so exciting, now it isn’t nearly as exciting as when I was young. I celebrated this past weekend with my family. What was exciting, aside from being together, was that Beau thought it was his birthday, he blew out his candle numerous times, and laughed hysterically each time. That was exciting and funny, how the innocence of a child can brighten your day, birthday or not.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I will catch up with you soon, one year older.

Thank you for following along , until next time . . . stay well!

7 Replies to “Finding Peace even in the Storm . . .”

  1. Happy Birthday Debra – may you hold onto those “little things” that tickle your heart on your special day – love your photos and love you are taking hold of your positive side!!

  2. Happy Birthday Debra – may you hold onto those “little things” that tickle your heart on your special day – love your photos and love you are taking hold of your positive side!!

  3. Well said and Happy Birthday! I believe a positive attitude and surrounding yourself with like minded people will take us a long way in this world. ❤️

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