Inspiration of the Heart

Sometimes you have to stop thinking so much and just go where your heart takes you 

The problem is I don’t know exactly where my heart should take me . . .

I seem to have lost my way lately, what do I want to photograph?  Do I even want to photograph anymore? I remember this happening several years ago, I was photographing portraits, thinking that I would make a second career from photography. The only problem was, I didn’t.  I found myself lost, frustrated and disenchanted with photography completely.  So I stopped, just stopped.  I didn’t pick up my camera for months.  

09-28-18 Ocean City NJ-35_LR

I wonder if other people go through this? Maybe it’s because my life has changed in the last several months? Becoming a Grandma, my world is now centered on my new grandson and my family.  Photography seems to have taken a backseat to all else.  I don’t  know why I photograph flowers? Why still life? No, that’s not true, I know why, because photographing people wore me down and photographing things, things that couldn’t talk to me, seemed like the right place to be at the time. Now, however, I seem to be missing photographing the life around me.  Not that still life isn’t life, if that makes any sense??? I have become acquainted with, and friends with so many amazing people I’ve met on Instagram through my still life photography.  I don’t want to demean it or trivialize it in any way, because it’s a beautiful art and a much needed art form! However, for me, I seem to be stuck at the moment, not sure how to photograph my still life to make it look and feel the way I am feeling at this point in time. If you don’t know Karen Olsen of Renuko Style, you should take a look.  Here is a woman who can certainly make you feel her joy and pain when looking at her still life photographs.

So, for now, again, I have just tucked photography away for a while.  Where will my next inspiration come from, where will my next photography journey going to take me?  I had such inspiration on our trip to the west coast. I can’t seem to get those images out of my mind, the sheer beauty of the California and Oregon coast.  Could this be the problem? New Jersey just isn’t the west coast! The problem with that is, I don’t live on the west coast and I won’t move there because my family is on the east coast.  I couldn’t live someplace that I couldn’t see them, lets face it, that would be quite a distance to travel to see that adorable baby!

So, I wait, I wait for the next inspiration to happen.  I know it will.  For the time being I am focusing on cross stitching a Christmas stocking for this adorable little boy, who has brought such joy to my life and to his Pap’s life as well.  There is no thinking involved when I cross stitch, I listen to my Audible books and I am transformed to another place. Literature will do that, transform you to a place outside of what you can’t quite figure out for the time being. I’ve listened to some great books in the last few months.  I am almost finished with the Christmas stocking, and I hope my grandson will cherish it and remember me when he looks at it, long after I’m gone.


09-28-18 Ocean City NJ-18_LR
Piping Plovers


For now, I am posting some photographs of Ocean City and Cape May, NJ.  Some of the places I love to visit for inspiration.  The beaches here don’t compare to the  beaches in Oregon and California, but to me, it’s home and it’s beautiful.

09-28-18 Ocean City NJ-74_LR

If feel lost too, I hope you find your way.  Sometimes it’s difficult, where does one begin? I do believe we all have a path we are supposed to be on.  Life events veer us from that path periodically, but by the Grace of God, we find our way back. I am hoping to find my way back soon, until then, I’ll take it one day at a time and see where life brings me.

Until next time, thank you for stopping by . . .

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19 Replies to “Inspiration of the Heart”

  1. Interesting post Mom.. sometimes the best discoveries come out of being a little lost because you find a new way! Maybe since you love your audible books and have enjoyed cross stitching that could be a new art that you do for awhile. You are an artist and artists have many outlets so for the time being until you find your way back to photography maybe do cross stitching and enjoy this new form of art and a new outlet for your artistic skills! Love ya!

  2. sometimes when you have a life changing event, like a new grandson, your focus, thoughts and feelings change too…change sometimes makes you feel lost, because your routine has been interrupted. It’s only natural:0)

  3. You’ll get your mojo back! I would miss your beautiful photos if you didn’t! It’s not bad to take a break, especially when there’s a new grand baby to focus on.

  4. Wow, I have been feeling the same. Hopefully a trip on the Hudson River seeing the foliage will inspire me. Call me! 🤗

  5. Debra, I was so surprised to see your mention here today. I think we all go through it. Whether it be a few weeks or a few months. The question ultimately is … do you want to be inspired? Sometimes we really don’t. We want quiet space to contemplate, to be observers in a different way. When we want to be inspired again, there will be no lack of inspiration. When you are ready, go and grab the Creativity E- Retreat on my website, it will help get you started.

    I must say, your images here are indeed inspiring me!

    1. Karen thank you!! I never thought about it in that way. Is does make sense though. Your work is so amazing and I truly do feel the emotion when I look at your photographs. Thank you!! I will certainly grab your Creativity E-Retreat on your website. 💗

  6. I agree with Cristine’s comment. change of season – changes of sight and change in your heart. Your heart is still full and you love what you do…You do everything with passion. Sounds good to me

  7. Love your honesty! I have also noticed photography taking a back seat at times. I have also noticed when life gets hard nothing helps me to remember all I am thankful for than going outside and enjoying nature and capturing them with a photograph. Sometimes I don’t even look at it later! “There is a season for everything.”

  8. Been there, done that. Somehow it always comes back. I find travel always inspires me. Another inspiring event is when you shoot with a friend, especially someone from somewhere else. you see the same old things with new eyes. Finally, playing with software tools to create different images from originals. Good luck, Im sure you’ll find your way!

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