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“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”  ~ Helen Keller

Inspiration is an amazing tool in any artists life, it’s where we get our ideas from, where we feel what we express to others.  Inspiration can come from many sources, close friends and/or family, something seen on TV, in a magazine or from friends in a community such as Instagram.  I’ve written before about the amazing group of friends I’ve come to know while on Instagram, most I’m sure I’ll never actually meet in person, yet I feel as though I know them so well. 

One of the people I became acquainted wit while participating in the Bethadilly 365 Challenge two years ago, is Dana Walton, she is an amazing photographer based in Canada.  I came across one of her photos called a diptych (Diptych and triptych come from the Greek meaning two (dip) or three (trip) fold (tych). This usually referred to a work of art that was divided into sections and hinged together but has come to be something that is widely used in photography and the art world.)  I found this type of photograph very interesting and began to play around with the idea.

Some of the diptych photographs I was noticing were very similar while others were completely different.  The photographs which were similar would feature a photograph of an entire scene on one side and the other side would feature one section from the main scene but close up and in detail.  The other type of diptych would feature the main photograph and the other side might display one color shown from the larger general photograph, tying both photographs together to form a story.  However it was displayed, both photographs were tied together creating an interesting story.  If you are on Instagram and would like to follow the diptych stories follow the hashtag #mylifeindiptychs for some interesting photography.

Teacups BlogBoard-1_LR

Details in flowers are so interesting, as they age, the lines and textures become more prominent and noticeable.

Tulip Diptych_MF

As a photographer I have become more aware of my surroundings, I have learned to see, not just look, but truly see the details in objects, scenery, sunsets, people and yes, even pets.  The next visit you make to the beach, a flower shop or even the grocery store, look around and try to truly see the details in your surroundings, it’s very enlightening.

McKenzie at Thanksgiving 2017_Blogboard_LR

Thank you for sharing in a small photography lesson and some large and small details in my daily life.  Until next week . . .

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