A Snow Day

“A snow day literally and figuratively falls from the sky, unbidden, and seems like a thing of wonder.” ~  Susan Orlean

This past Thursday the East Coast in the USA was blanketed by a blizzard.  While snow may look romantic and magical in photographs, it’s a completely different story when those beautiful white flakes turn into a blizzard.  If you are not familiar or have never been in an area that has harsh winters, snow can often times not be fun and it’s for absolute certain a blizzard is not fun.  For those who have never experienced a harsh winter let alone a blizzard, here is the definition of a blizzard

To my surprise, even work was cancelled.  I cannot remember the last time I had a true snow day.  I am not an educator nor am I a state or government employee, rather I work for a brokerage firm.  When the New York Stock Exchange is open so is my company.  Which is why this was such a surprise and even though the weather was not ideal, it was nice to be homebound for one day.

Having been given ample warning of the impending storm, I stopped at the florist the day before and purchased some pretty pinkish purple flowers.  I knew I would need something to do with myself for so many hours.

I wanted to share some of the flower photos with a snowy feel to them with you.  The fact that I was able to be inside and not out in the elements, enjoying myself with my favorite past time, made for a very nice day after all.  Typically when I use this window as a backdrop, there will be colors from outside showing through the window panes, but as you can see, it’s just complete white.  There was so much snow outside which made for beautiful light for this series of photographs.

01-04-18 Flowers and Hearts-14_LR

01-04-18 Flowers and Hearts-44_Matt_LR

Remember to take time to enjoy the moment . . .

Flowers and Hearts_2_template_HR

The days go slow but time goes by so quickly.  I have heard this saying twice in the past week which seems odd to me.  It is so true, winter seems to take an eternity for each day to pass with the anticipation of spring, warmer weather and color around us again.  However, when we look back, the days which seemed to pass so slowly have indeed gone by quicker than we could have imagined.

As I stated above, remember to truly enjoy every moment for they are here for just a short while.

Thanks for catching up with me and I look forward to meeting with you again next week.  In the meantime, you can follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to during the week.

Until next time . . .

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11 Replies to “A Snow Day”

  1. Hey Doodlebug……I’m leaving comcast and my new email is schwartzdonnam@gmail.com. Can you please change it in your address book.

    we still have to get together. My week days are starting to get crazy but I have Friday night, Saturday and Sunday open.

    talk to you soon.


    Donna Schwartz When words fail….Music speaks Hans Christian Anderson


  2. Beautiful captures Debra – loved them all. How smart of you to do colorful flowers in anticipation of the day! Loved your window light background. And of course your message

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