Oh, the Possibilities!

Start writing, but don’t edit as you go, just keep writing. Sometimes when I feel stuck, like I have recently, I stop writing, stop photographing, just stop. Lately, the photos come with ease but the words don’t seem too.

I’m sure most everyone feels stuck every once in a while, so how do you get past that hurdle? Write, just write and don’t look back to edit.

The last few weeks I began feeling stagnant and a bit stuck in my photography. I decided I needed a change. My husband and I went to Home Depot bought a very nice piece of wood, which he stained a dark gray for me. I thought perhaps a change in my style of photography would be fun. For anyone following me on Instagram (@doodlebug_designz) you probably have noticed a bit of a moodier look to my photographs. Change can be a good thing. It prompts us to think differently, feel differently and creates a new vibe not only for the artist, but for those viewing.

I began playing around with dark and moody photographs. It has been fun, a bit of a learning curve, but fun for sure! I rather like the moodier look to my photos. That’s not to say, that I don’t take light and airy photographs any longer, but a nice mix of the two is a good change.

When I look back at my photographs, it’s interesting to see the difference in how I photograph, what I photograph and how my style has changed and grown. I have evolved from someone who knew literally nothing about photography to someone who feels confident in her photography and herself as a photographer.

I have been experiencing a bit of a writer’s block recently, life feels as though it is at a stand still. It’s too cold to go outside, most places are still limited as to how many people can be inside and the world still seems a bit off. The phrase “stay at home” is getting old and doesn’t have the same easy feel it once did, simply because I do nothing but stay home. I long for the days when I would grocery shop without wearing a mask, without worrying about who is too close to me or if I am too close to them. I don’t even like grocery shopping! Such a strange time to live through, but through we must go. I pray we all come out sane on the other side, some days I have my doubts.

So, I stay home and binge watch TV, eat way more than I should be eating and take photographs. Since I have been having difficulty writing I will just share some photographs this week and let them speak for me. I hope you enjoy!

This was taken for a part of the Still Waters class I am currently taking with Carolyn of Sixteen Miles Out. It was a fun, lighthearted project and on this particular day it was snowing outside so I brought that feeling into the photograph. Cutting out the pretty paper hearts made me feel like a child again.

This photo, the M photo and also the feature image above were part of the February Alphabet challenge with Kim Klassen in the Inner Circle course I am also taking. That challenge sure did make me think a bit outside the box. This was for the letter S, I guess it abstractly describes S, what do you think?

The remainder of the photos were just for me. For me to explore, experiment and just let my mind run free, leave the world behind for a short while.

What about those amazing scissors? I have been eyeing them for quite some time and finally decided to buy them, so happy I did! I love the items on Made on 23rd, their products are simply amazing, not to mention Deb is so darn sweet!

One final image to end this photo blog with, sunshine has been eluding us lately. This concludes my February photographs, today is March 1st and onto spring in a few short weeks. Although, I don’t believe winter is finished with us just yet, however, this photo made me feel lighthearted and happy. A small burst of brightness on an otherwise dreary cold winters day. May you find that small burst of brightness in your day too!

Until next time. . . thank you for following along.

6 Replies to “Oh, the Possibilities!”

  1. Beautiful Debra – love the contrast the new board is giving your photos – your style still shines through – thanks for the perfect photos and story that goes with them – you do such an amazing job – thank you!!

  2. Love those scissors!! I’m hoping to take a class from Carolyn this year (after we move and get settled!). I’ve loved following her on IG and her blog for a couple of years now. Your journey in photography has been fun to watch!!

    1. Thanks so much Kelly! I appreciate your lovely comment. I will let Carolyn know too. It has been a fun journey which I am enjoying quite a bit. I’ve learned so much since I began photography too. Mostly patience.

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