In the Stillness, She Felt Peace

In the stillness she thinks, looks, chooses and composes.

She feels peace come over her, a quiet sense of inner stillness, not a stillness like before a storm, rather a stillness of tranquility. The light shines brightly in the front window, late afternoon sun on a winter day in January. The room floods with light. Bright, beautiful light.

Light is what photography is primarily about. Most can learn composition and what props to use, but the light is something that must be studied, analyzed and used to enhance the composition chosen to represent a particular scene. How do the shadows fall on your scene, is it too dark, or too light? Learning how to use light is a key element in photography and in achieving a beautiful photograph.

The chair, an old chair purchased for a mere $20 is the focal point of today’s styled shoot. This chair, with its different color, makes magic when photographed. In most photography today, many items are white, or a very light shade of any color, mostly never blue, especially this shade of blue. Honestly, she doesn’t really know what color blue it is, she does know that it works, and it works well.

This chair makes most of her photographs pop with the right amount of color, the light hits it differently during different times of the day, but it is always the focal point when used.

As the items were gathered for The Blue Chair Shoot, she carefully placed prints of her previous photos on the chair, arranged a beautiful textured cloth beside some of her photographs, making sure to catch the light just right so the texture would be noticed. Then she arranged a hand made card with “just breathe” printed simply around two flowers, incorporating this in the design on the blue chair.

This inner peace she feels brings a smile to her face. She has achieved the look she wanted, the light has worked beautifully today. She struggled with how and when to photograph in this new room in her new house. It has taken her some time to learn how the light works here, in her new home. Some days, it’s still a struggle, but on other days, that light works its magic, making the photograph she sees in her mind a reality. Like today, a cold, winter day, in January.

After several hours of primping and moving objects, the light is slowing setting, this day is coming to a close. Tomorrow, God willing, the sun will rise, the light will make more magic and her story will continue.

She, if you have not figured it out, is me.

Thank you for sharing in my story this week, I am always grateful for those who read my blog, follow me on Instagram and reply to what I write.

Until next time, stay safe and stay healthy!

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