A Neutral Autumn Set-Up

Hello Autumn! Autumn is a very colorful time of the year. The changing leaves bring beautiful oranges, reds and vibrant yellows to our scenery. Now that we have lived in our new home for nearly six months, it’s is a very neutral place to be. The color palette is basically white, gray and beige. I wanted to experiment with an Autumn set-up using neutral tones. Therefore, I went with whites and neutrals for this particular set-up. Since we have this pretty window in our kitchen (photo above) each week I purchase flowers to sit in the corner. The vase I typically use is also neutral but tall and perfect for this small space, I’ve featured it before, however, this week my white mason jar seemed to look just right holding the white daisies. Originally this jar was a soap dispenser, which never seemed to work properly, I repurposed it and now it works perfectly as a vase!

Decorating in neutral colors is comforting and peaceful. I am finding that the flow of our home is much easier, less to take care of, and the color palette is very soothing.

I must confess, I am struggling with still life set-ups here vs. our old house. The lighting is completely different, I don’t have my favorite window, so it’s been a bit difficult to get my photos to look the way I am accustomed to them looking. I will press on, knowing that, in time, it will come to me. I apologize for my absence in writing and posting, soon I am hoping to be back to my normal self.

On a plus note, I am taking a new course titled Still Life Cultivated. It is a new online course (beginning 10/14) taught by Carolyn from Sixteen Miles Out, if you are interested you can see what is all about here. I hope you will join us, Carolyn is an amazing photographer and teacher. It will be informative and fun at the same time.

As always, with thanks and gratitude for taking the time to stop by . . .

6 Replies to “A Neutral Autumn Set-Up”

  1. Glad you’re writing and shooting pictures! I asked Amy, just this past weekend, if everything was ok.
    Always look forward to your work of art!
    Love the pumpkins 🎃

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