a new view . . .

The sunlight shines through my window, my kitchen sparkles in the beautiful light. My mind is racing, I begin thinking “what can I photograph” to take advantage of this amazing light. Unlike artificial light, natural light can be unpredictable. The sun is shining brightly, or it peeks behind a cloud, or maybe it’s a completely overcast day. Overcast days are my favorite type of natural light, nature’s own soft box, a recipe for beautiful soft lighting with no harsh shadows.

In my new surroundings, I am finding the light to be so much more magical than before. Here the windows are larger, giving me a broad canvas to create my flower photography. I must confess, I was worried that I would not be able to create photographs in my new space. From the time we listed our previous house until we moved into our new house, several months had passed, without me taking any photographs. To my surprise, and relief, I find it’s just the opposite. The windows in this house seem to be more favorable for photography than I ever thought possible.

I discovered a photographer this past week on Instagram, she was hosting the Bella Grace Magazine feed for two days. Angie Lambert is a portrait photographer located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Oddly, I lived about 15 minutes from where she resides some 18 years ago. I fell in love with her style and in particular her window photographs. I decided I should post some of my new photographs with my new window backdrops, so here we are!

In our new home, I now have several rooms that I am able to utilize for photography. Unlike our other home, where the majority of my photographs were taken in one room in front of a double window with sheer curtains, this house has multiple large windows that are perfect for taking photographs.

I am feeling as though this may be the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Thank you for following along, until next week . . .

with gratitude,

8 Replies to “a new view . . .”

  1. Hello! Thank you so very much mentioning me and my windowsill fetish. Your images are beautiful. I’m honored to have inspired you to create these be
    beautiful vignettes, as a part of your photography and writing.

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