a pop of color . . .

I am typically drawn to colors other than yellow and orange. Blues and pinks are probably what I would typically decorate with, photograph or even wear. However, the color yellow, probably one of my least favorite colors, is what I find myself attracted to lately. Growing up, my mom loved yellow, we even owned dinner plates called space yellow, and I believe this is why I’ve never been attracted to yellow, it seemed to be everywhere when I was a child.

Our new home is mostly white, the countertops are white with some pale gray marbling, the cabinets are white and the floors are dark wood throughout the entire home, so the pop of yellow or orange looks extremely nice. I find myself wanting yellow flowers, not pink as I have in the past. Even though my favorite color is blue, and my prior home was decorated in blues and neutrals, with so much white everywhere this pop of color seems to work very nicely.

I wanted to share some images of our home with you all. I purchased some Gerber daisies the other day and honestly thought they were more of a yellow when I bought them, but after bringing them home I discovered they really were more orange than yellow. Either way, they were beautiful and the pop of color really accentuated our home nicely.

Sunflowers in my kitchen window

In the past I have collaborated with my good friend, Carolyn, from Sixteen Miles Out, she and I have once again coordinated our photos featuring yellow/orange flowers. As Carolyn and I discussed this idea, she was surprised at how I am incorporating yellow (and orange) into my home, she knew I wasn’t particularly fond of yellow. I’m looking forward to her photographs, I find it interesting to see the difference between her view and mine when photographing similar items. If you would like to view her photos, please click on the link here.

Our back porch

Well, not much else going on besides decorating and settling into our new home, oh, and enjoying this lovely warm summer weather we are having. I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead and as always, thank you for following along . . .

With gratitude,

14 Replies to “a pop of color . . .”

  1. I love the pops of colors – blue and yellow always go well together. ๐Ÿ™‚ So nice to see you settling in and ready to share your new home with us. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Love ur home n ur back porch so calming beautiful wish u much happiness n love
    Color yellow I donโ€™t Re much yellow in Moms home except for the kitchen
    Whatever u do Iโ€™m sure it will be fantastic
    Enjoy my #1 niece
    Love u

      1. Looked n itโ€™s great what u said hereโ€™s hoping 2021 is better for us all u do wonderful blogs

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