this room, that window . . . those memories

This room has come to represent who I am as a photographer. Most people who follow my blog or my Instagram feed, are quite familiar with this window. I have photographed flowers, chairs, children, McKenzie and even Lily in front of this window. This past weekend, as we continued to pack up our entire house, the time came to pack up my studio. After four hours and many boxes later (I did not realize how many props I owned), this room was my sanctuary, a place where I spent many hours organizing, prepping props and photographing pretty still life photographs, now it stood empty.

This room was a bedroom for my mom for a few months before she passed away. My stepdaughter also had a bedroom here, but for me, it’s the many hours spent thinking, styling and photographing still life that remains most vivid and holds so many memories.

As I packed up all of my belongings, I wondered, who would be the next owner of this room? Would the next occupant be a small child, a boy or a girl, a teenager? Whoever becomes the next occupant, I hope, they, like me, make many memories and some day remember this room as fondly as I will.

As I cleaned the windowsills and wiped down the baseboard, I became very emotional and began to cry, Brian completely understood. The entire house holds so many memories for us. It is where we began our life together, raised my daughter, who would become a daughter to him. Holidays, graduation parties and the grand daddy of them all, Cristine and Dan’s engagement party were all held in this house. Cristine was so upset when we moved to this house, now, looking back, this house became her home. This home and town are where she grew from a child to a teenager, that teenager became a woman, then a wife and now a mom.

As we leave here next week, I know we will be saddened to not call this house home anymore. My hope is for the new family to make as many memories as we did, to enjoy every moment of this beautiful house. After all, a home isn’t walls and floorboard but it’s the family who occupies it and the memories they make that truly make it a home.

I leave you all with some fond memories of my home, I look forward to our next house and the memories we will make as that house becomes our home.

As always, thank you for following along . . . Until next time

13 Replies to “this room, that window . . . those memories”

  1. Beautiful Debra – L O V E the shot of the front of your home, absolutely gorgeous, perfect framer for your new home!! You will make lots of new memories in your new home too!!! All the best!!!

  2. There are many more memories to come for u I love ur photos n I’m sure ur new home photos will be just as beautiful n make new memories
    Love u

  3. You got it right Debra, a home is not walls and windows, it’s the people and the special moments. We moved 3 years ago from a 20-year stay in our previous home which we designed, built and loved. Now we love this one which couldn’t be more different! It takes s bit of time but you’ll get there. I hope it’s sooner vs later 😊

  4. This story is touching my heart so. I do understand how you feel are, so hard to leave a home that has already have lots of memories. But why do you have to leave, dear? I hope you’ll enjoy your new home. Sending you positive vibes and all love i have for you and your family xx❤

    1. Our house was just too big for two people. Our new home is so comfortable for two people. We are loving it here. It took me a bit to settle in and for it to feel like home but now it does. Thank you for commenting. 💕

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