X’s & O’s

no matter how much I say I love you ~ I always LOVE you more than that . . . 

Love comes in many forms, but the love for your child cannot be compared to any other.  It’s a love you cannot truly understand until you have a child.  I know that love because I felt it when my daughter was born twenty seven years ago and I felt it again when I recently became a  Grandma.  Somehow this was different, not that I loved her any less, but with this baby, I had all of the joy, without the responsibility of having to raise him. 

Babies receive many gifts when they are born, some become treasures, however, this particular gift I gave to him at Christmas time.  I cross stitched a Christmas stocking for my daughter when she was approximately two years old and now it was Beau’s turn to have his own Christmas Stocking.  Her stocking has remained something she has treasured and uses each Christmas. 

I chose her stocking pattern, as she was quite small, and she didn’t have an inkling about Christmas stockings.  So the tradition would continue and she would  get to choose the pattern for her first baby.  Once she chose the pattern, I began stitching the stocking back in July.  Diligently stitching most nights for approximately three hours.  The stocking is counted cross, which requires hours of work.  Counted cross stitch consists of many tiny x’s creating a beautiful picture. It would now be a tradition we  would be passing down to her son and I could not have been happier to make his stocking for him.  

Beau William (BDUBS)

This is our first Christmas with Beau and I cannot wait to see him rip open paper with delight and excitement.  I know he won’t truly understand  what Christmas is, but we do, and that excitement might be more ours than his.  Next year once he is a little bit older, he will truly understand Christmas.  I do know he will have this Christmas stocking for many, many years to come. 

If you have an heirloom or treasured item I would love to hear all about it.

Merry Christmas  . . . 

8 Replies to “X’s & O’s”

  1. Love the blog this week! Beau will truly treasure his stocking just like I do!
    Beau has the best Grandma!!

  2. Beautiful debra what a great way to honor Cristine n Beau u did a beautiful job
    What a great way to hand down a family tradition to Beau n I’m sure he will treasure it in the yrs to come .

  3. Beautiful stocking, that pattern is sweet – so nice of you to carry on the tradition that your daughter loves. I made our stockings for my daughters, too. They still use them every year. Someday, if it’s in the cards and I have grandkids, I’ll remember your post and offer to make a stocking too. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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