Just Breathe . . .

“Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” ~ Wayne W. Dyer

Breathing comes natural to all of us, however slowing down to actually breathe is completely different than breathing to take in oxygen.

03-13-18 Tulips_71_LR

In today’s world life is busier than ever.  We are bombarded with various types of social media, cell phones, text messages, our jobs and possibly parenting.  I thought when my daughter was grown and I wasn’t taking her to and from places anymore, life would slow down.  Not the case at all!

As a photographer, there are so many aspects to running a business, especially when you also work a full time day job.  With Instagram, Facebook, websites, blogging and actually trying to take photographs, life seems incredibly busy.

03-13-18 Tulips_42_LR

This week, after a very busy and exhausting weekend (a blog for another day) I wanted to share some peaceful images.  My hope is that while you look at the images, maybe you can slow your mind down for just a few minutes.  Retraining our minds to accept our lives as they really are, not as we have envisioned them, may help in the process of being able to breathe and slow down.  Try and enjoy a few quiet and peaceful moments on a daily basis.  Even if it is just for ten minutes to sit quietly and listen to your favorite music, read a favorite magazine or simply close your eyes and do nothing, but breathe.

03-13-18 Tulips_87_LR

While you enjoy a few quiet moments, here is to a peaceful week ahead . . .

Until we meet again,

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9 Replies to “Just Breathe . . .”

  1. Beautiful! Words and pictures! I was trying to decide which photo I like best … they’re all beautiful! I think the last may be my favorite … although I don’t know … so peaceful! I love how you did such different settings for your still life!

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