every summer has a story …

Hands down summer is my favorite time of year.  I find the older I get the less I like the cold weather, not to mention the darkness which creeps in very early  during non-summer months.  Living very close to the beach, you are able to visit often, which I do! Even during the cold months, my husband and I still visit the beach.

My husband suggested I feature summertime on this weeks blog, so summertime it is. When my daughter was small and we visited the beach, we would hunt for the best sea shells.  Who can resist looking for seashells while at the beach, it’s a great fun and you get a souvenir to take home.  I have a small crystal bowl that was my Moms where I display the shells we’ve collected along some sea glass and the star fish (pictured below) placed on top.  As you can see the star fish is not whole, I don’t know if it was found that way or it happened over time, but it is still one of my favorites.

07-09-2017 Summer_Starfish_blog_47

07-09-2017 Summer_Seaglass_12-HDR_blog

07-09-2017 Summer__Shell_28_blogAs I reminisced while looking through the shells and sea glass, all I could think of was that childhood saying  “She sells sea shells by the sea shore” , I think it was a saying we were taught as children to teach us the “S” sound, but it’s stuck with me all these years later.

Aside from shells and the beach, ultimately it’s home that means the most.  It’s where I can be myself, relax and feel safe.  Last year I photographed my friend Cheryl’s yard; and was in awe at how beautifully decorated it was.  I visited her last weekend and once again, enjoyed the beauty and tranquility she has created.  So, this year I have also been decorating the front of our home with flowers, hanging baskets, colorful flags and of course, many hummingbird feeders.  For those who know me, I find hummingbirds to be so amazing and I truly enjoy watching them.

07-11-2017_Square 3 Images.jpg

So, a small piece of who I am, what I enjoy and a bit of where I live.  Tonight as I edited my photos and put together this blog, I listened to The Eli Young Band, if you haven’t listened yet, here is a link to one of their new songs – Never Land – have a great week ahead.  Thanks for stopping by, until we meet again …

Oh and if you want to share one of your summertime memories please send me a comment.

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4 Replies to “Summertime”

  1. What a lovely post, Deb! I love your simple images of sea glass and starfish. It makes me think of all the summer things one tries to get in before it ends, mostly food related, like blueberry pie and lobster rolls!

  2. I love your Sea glass, shell, star fish, and front porch!

    I have a collection of sea shells, and one bathroom has a beachy theme with sea shells in jars, and rocks collected from the beach, and a half a scallop shell that I put my jewelry in at the end of the day, and on top of it all is a white star fish. 🙂

    I have no decorating talent at all. Please come do my front entry way! 🙂

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