A Black Pitcher … imagine the choices

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” – Albert Einstein

Imagination is an amazing tool, as humans we can escape from the world simply by imaging something. I often wonder, what about our dog, does McKenzie ever imagine anything, sometimes she sits, just staring into space, so I wonder, is she imaging something?  There are times I have an extremely active imagination,  other times I really struggle with imagining anything.

06-13-17 Purple Flowers_11_Blog

06-16-2017 FLowers Gerber_8_CakeVertical_IGPhotography is an interesting hobby, it requires you to think, but not just think, but imagine how a photograph will tell a story.  I am not simply composing something, but I try to incorporate what elements will make the photograph interesting, not only to me but to my viewers,  how will I tell this story, what mood do I want to relay.  I often find myself imaging how I would like to compose a specific still life, for example, the black pitcher pictured here, as I was eyeing it in the store, I began to imagine what scene I would place it in, what color flowers would look perfect in it, what color background would work well with it.  Maybe it’s odd to always imagine what I am going to photograph next, but it just seems to be the way my mind works most days.

06-17-2017 Stock Purple Lavender-5-HDR_Blog

I began to imagine other compositions for this very simple black pitcher.  So off to the flower market I went.  Marcy who owns South Jersey Florist was happy to see me, but was busy with a bride, so one of the other girls helped me.  Together we choose the most amazing bouquet of Stock flowers in deep purple and lavender, some perfect pink snap dragons and the most stunning white gerber daisies.  So once again this had me imaging, how will  I arrange this grouping of colorful flowers in my black pitcher.

I find the most peaceful part of my day is when  I sit  at the computer, edit my photographs and listen to some relaxing music, tonight it’s the Zac Brown Band, soft and relaxing.  I find their harmony amazing and the fiddler, Jimmy De Martini, to be my favorite of the band.  I have imagined all day about this perfect ending, photographs and relaxing music, absolute perfection!  I hope you too have a favorite time of day, that it brings you the peace and satisfaction that mine brings me. If you have a favorite part of your day I would love to hear about it.

06-17-2017 Stock and Cake Plate-10-HDR_Blog

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks story.  I look forward to talking with you again next week …  If you would like to see what I’m doing during the week you can follow me on Instagram.

Until next time …


6 Replies to “Imagination”

  1. Imagination – perfect. My peaceful time is walks after dinner with my honey, taking in mother nature that surrounds us. Beautiful photos and perfect words, as always, thanks for sharing “giggles”!!

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